Central Park Conservancy

Central Park Conservancy


User Research,Web Design


October 2016


Scott Cowell, Yue Yuan, Ning Xu

The Central Park Conservancy is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore, manage and enhance Central Park in partnership with the public. They have been known as industry leaders in the field of urban park management, providing accurate and timely info about events and themselves as caretakers of the park. We worked with CPC's Senior Web Manager, Libbie Hayward to find why the Calendar of Events is hard to use.

The Problem

CPC current calendar page

Currently, the Calendar of Events at centralparknyc.org/events is hard to navigate, use and is a painpoint for users, including supporters of the park. The online Calendar of Events needs to change to meet the organizational goals. The CPC team wanted us to inform a new design that they would iterate and build upon.

The Process

  • Screening: Participants were screened via a live-intercept invitation, questionnaire and qualified based on residential proximity to the Park (within a 12-block radius) and likeliness to support.
  • Recruiting: Digital screeners were launched on the homepage and calendar page of centralparknyc.org for a 6-hour duration to recruit participants and selected according to how well they meet the screening criteria.
  • Interviews: 30-minute remote moderated interviews were conducted, observing participants via GoToMeeting screen sharing tool.
  • Debrief: Deeper synthesis and analysis of research artifacts (Verbatim notes, video of each session, debrief notes and charts)

Mapping the Research

CPC map

Find opportunities

CPC survey

User flow

CPC survey

The Design


CPC wireframe

Final deliverable