UX Design


April 2017


Kinjal Shah, Katarina Yee

We started this project by thinking about how we could better support fellow cyclists.

When we started ideating, one of our ideas was to create an app that helps cyclists avoid road work and other hazards.

But in our research, we found that there are plenty of people working in this design space and basically the whole of the biking world. We did however discover an underserved market where we could add value. We identified travelers who use bike shares as a user group to focus on.

The Problem

How might we help people who enjoy using bike shares, plan and discover points of interests in unfamiliar cities?
Biketinerary is a collection of curated tours linked to a city's bikeshare network.
Using GPS data, Biketinerary knows where its users are, helping to locate the best sites and biking routes in a city. During the ride, the app measures the user’s location and velocity, acting as an audio tour guide for visitors who want to take advantage of the bikeshare network.

The Design