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I am Jenil Gogari. I can help you create experiences, increase conversions & look better on the web & mobile.
Currently pursing Masters in Interaction Design at School of Visual Arts, NYC. Previously, &

Selected work


Medizin is a online medicine ordering service for which I designed the logo and conceptualised an app.

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Tot's Academy

Tot’s Academy is a english grammar tutor for kids based out of Pune. My role was to build their corporate identity which not only makes a mark but is also elegant.

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Mehek Bassi

Mehek is a friend of mine, who is a freelance writer, her website was designed by me as a gift for her. It has now become a full-fledged blog for her writing works, with 1000+ page views daily.

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Mumbai Runners

Mumbai Runners is a platform to share & encourage the joy of running in Mumbai, as a sport & as a way of life. My role included designing the logo and developing their website which pulled content from their Instagram account.

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HSE WebSoccer-Sim

HSE WebSoccer-Sim is a online football manager software for the German football leagues. Demanded was a new production-ready theme for the latest version of the web application HSE WebSoccer-Sim.

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Flatly & Darkly

Heard of Twitter Bootstrap? Bootswatch is a collection of free themes for Bootstrap build by Thomas Park. I contributed these 2 themes to their collection.

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Dashboard redesign

This is a redesign of an online test preparation dashboard made for a client.

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